About me

Hi everyone, my name’s Lily, and I’m an Asian anime otaku who loves to eat, sleep, and read manga. I love to meet new friends and when I’m not active on here, I’m probably pulling an all nighter (watching anime), or sleeping from that all nighter! 😐 School’s also gonna keep me away from here too.

Anime I’m currently watching: Trickster, Magi: Adventures Of Sinbad, When They Cry, Kiss Him, Not Me!, Twin Star Exorcists, My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected, Yuri On Ice

Waiting anime: Death Note, Happy Clover, Psycho Pass, School Days, Corpse Party

 For stalkers: You can also find me on CocoPPA Play and CocoPPA (but I rarely use this app). My username: Kawaii Lily😺 I’ve also recently joined Elsword, too! My username: KawaiiLili. Disqus username: KawaiiLili

I love: Vocaloids, anime, manga, food, salmon, and Pocky

I dislike: school, science, social studies