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Day eighteen: My opinions on 3D anime

Okee…. I know most of us are used to the cute, 2D anime. But, a while ago (a long while ago) they started to make 3D anime. You either hate ’em or love ’em, you can’t ignore the fact that they’ve sprung up in your recommendation box or the news. I’m going to talk about my opinions and the pros and cons of 3D anime.Please remember that this is mostly just my opinion!

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Pros and cons: Alright, I’m just gonna get straight to it. 2D anime can be better because lot’s more people are used to it, but also the fact that since modern day technology makes things much more easier, the animation is so smooth (I’m not saying that 3D animation isn’t smooth). The cons are, that many people have to draw things over and over and over again. 3D anime can be better because they don’t need to draw so much, they just need to make models. They can reuse these models. The cons are that many people aren’t willing to give these animes a try. They might think, “Anime isn’t anime if it’s not 2D.”, which isn’t true! 3D anime is still anime, just with dimension!

My opinions: I’m willing to give 3D animes a try. They seem amazing! I mean I would like to be able to see my favorite anime characters in 3D form. I think 3D animes give us a chance to feel closer with the characters, since they’re 3D.

What do you guys think? Are you willing to give 3D anime a try, or stick with 2D anime?



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