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Day seventeen: What really makes a good cosplay/otaku…

Recently, I’ve been strolling around the web and I suddenly started to realize that some people don’t think that they can cosplay or that they’re an otaku. I wanted to address this situation (and also the fact that I’ve been sick recently).

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It doesn’t matter how much anime merch you own or how much knowledge of the anime you have. If you really love anime with most (all) of your heart, then your an otaku. Even if you’ve only watched two episodes of Naruto, if you think that you love anime enough, then your an otaku! Now…. About cosplayers…. Lots of cosplayers get hate because they aren’t ‘skinny enough’ or ‘tall’ enough. If you really love that character, then cosplay them! Who said you couldn’t cosplay them? If someone really has a problem with your cosplay, they’re jerks/idiots. Just ignore them and enjoy yourself! Cosplaying was meant to be for fun and for everyone! Since when was cosplaying a competition for who looked like their character the best? Ignore the bashers and show your true colors! That goes for people who don’t think they’re otakus, you are one! Now…. Um, sorry I haven’t been on here a lot! I’ve been sick…. But, I’m back! Just remember that anime and cosplay is for everyone! ^^


3 thoughts on “Day seventeen: What really makes a good cosplay/otaku…

  1. I’m glad you are better. I agree cosplay should be for anyone. I am black and I use to think since the character isn’t black I shouldn’t cosplay them. Then I thought screw it. I like the character so I’m going to do it


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