Day fourteen: King of Nabari review

Yay! I finally finished King of Nabari! The anime was amazing and it was like modern day Naruto, so if ya’ like ninja’s this is for you! ^^

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This is an anime about a kid named Miharu, who has a very special power in him, the shinrabansho. People are out for this power and Miharu just wants to help someone he cares about.

Rating: 8/10

Plot: The plot was amazing! there was a lot of action and a bit of killing. The antagonists were very evil and they weren’t crappy.

Character development: The character development was okay. I mean, the character development between Miharu and Yoite was pretty good. At first they were enemies, but soon they worked together. Same with everyone else. They all got to know each other and they soon became friends even.  The only thing I’d complain about is how the characters treat each other. Especially Tobari. He kept a lot of secrets from Miharu. I think that it would’ve been okay to share them with Miharu. but then that would kinda make the plot boring, sooo….

Art: The art was very nice. But, I felt that the characters looked a little too skinny. I think this anime was made a while ago, judging by the animation.

Other thoughts: Yes, the anime was good overall, but it kinda lost me towards the end. The middle of the anime was meh. But, give it a try! It’s good. ^^


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