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Day thirteen: Weeaboo and otakus

Most people know what the difference between otakus and weeaboos are, but I’m going to explain them both anyways! “What’s the difference between otakus and weeaboos?” I’m gonna answer that question today *peace*!

Weeaboo: Ugh… The dreaded weeaboos. Nobody wants to be one, let alone be called a weeaboo. A weeaboo is someone who worships the Japanese like gods and even wants to be Japanese. They usually learn Japanese from anime and they disrespects the Japanese culture. There are many versions of these for other cultures, for example: a Koreaboo is someone who wishes to be Korean and hates their own culture. If your a weeaboo, I’m sure your really nice and I won’t tell you to stop or ‘kill yourself’, but know that being a weeaboo is bad (also if you are Asian, you could still be a weeaboo. Good, you’ve completed the job of being born Asian, but if you’re not Japanese, you could still become one).

Image result for weeaboo memes

Otaku: *sigh* The awesome otakus. Who wouldn’t want to be one? The word ‘otaku’ is a very offensive word in Japan, but in America being called an otaku means that you usually might watch anime (read manga) or play video games. This is usually a compliment. An otaku might be interested in the Japanese culture (not me), speak Japanese and eat the foods, but they don’t disrespect the culture. They are totally fine if they aren’t ‘Japanese’. Otakus do not weave Japanese words into their English. So literally, they aren’t crazy people obsessed over Japanese culture and are more into anime, manga, or video games.


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