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Day twelve: Trickster episode 1-12 review

M’kay, let’s get this episode review over with. To be honest, I was told this anime was pretty good.

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Trickster is about a boy named Hanasaki and he works for a group called the Boy’s Detective Club. He then meets a boy name Kobayashi, who can’t die. Hanasaki asks  forces Kobayashi to join. Their encounter soon leads to them going up against Twenty Faces, a very strong villain (who has twenty faces).

Rating: 5/10

Tags: Mystery, action

Plot: I thought that the plot was interesting, but it didn’t draw me in. I know that some people have dropped this anime and some people said it suited their tastes, but honestly I thought the plot was pretty interesting. I personally am not into mystery, which is why I gave this anime an okay rating. (I dun know how to explain how I’m feeling right now! XD)

Character development: Ugh… The dreaded character development. I thought that Hanasaki had great character development. He learned more about himself and that life wasn’t just happiness and rainbows. On the other hand I thought that there wasn’t much character development in Kobayashi. Sure he didn’t want Hanasaki to die. But in the end, he still said he wanted Hanasaki to kill him. If we’re talking about character development between two characters, then it was okay. Hanasaki and Kobayashi’s bond strengthened (I guess) and Kobayashi learned to trust Hanasaki a bit.

Art: Great. At least there’s something about this anime I enjoyed. The art was great. It was beautiful. Especially the eyes.

Other thoughts: Okee, so I feel that the anime was just meh overall. I mean, of course I will be staying for episode thirteen, but I won’t be expecting much. I will be reviewing other episodes, but for now, there are only twelve episodes.



6 thoughts on “Day twelve: Trickster episode 1-12 review

  1. haha xD who told you it was great? XD I watched it till episode 6 and then dropped it off. I had high hopes for it because there was so many ways to develop the story to make it good but they decided to make it so boring.


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