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Day eleven: My opinions on Yuri on Ice

Okee, so this isn’t going to be an anime review, ’cause I’m sure lots of people have had enough of Yuri on Ice reviews. I’m going to say my opinions on Yuri on Ice.

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I thought Yuri on Ice was a pretty good anime. The animation was beautiful, the music was just amazing. In terms of a sports anime, I thought it was okay. I felt like it was lacking in that genre. I mean sports anime have something different about it. Yes, Yuri on Ice did indeed have sports in it, but it just was missing something a sports anime would have. The fanservice was good and the anime was pretty funny. The character development was good too. At the beginning, Yuri was a cute, little daifuku. As the story progressed he became a cute (and hot), pork bun. I rooted for all the characters as they competed with each other (which is something I often don’t do). I’m hoping they come out with a season two!

Remember, this all just my opinion and if you thought Yuri on Ice was pretty good as a sports anime that’s fine! ^^


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