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Day nine: Ten problems otakus have

Otakus.. They seem so perfect! Just look at those eye bags! Well, we otakus have struggles just as everyone else and here are all of them, in a list! ^^ (I was lazy, so I copied and pasted a text from a list on my Quotev account! XD)

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1) We get put into stereotypical groups.
Ex: “Eww, Pervert!”, “Aren’t all otakus just weeaboos?”, “All otakus are shut in neets, don’t get near them!”, etc.

2) We need money. Constantly. Whether it’s for that Sebastian figure you’ve been keeping an eye out for months, or that really cool dakimakura, we need the cash.

3) Anime is being made faster than we can watch them.

4) When your ship doesn’t sail and other otakus make fun of you for shipping those two characters (Kaneki x Centipede!).

5) When someone pauses an anime to talk to you. (I hate when that happens)

6) School getting in the way of you watching anime.

7) When you’re watching so many animes at the same time and when a new one comes out you’re like, “F*ck dis sh*t! Imma watch this anime first!”.

8) When you wanna go to sleep, but the anime ended at a cliffhanger, so you continue to go onto the next episode.

9) When you’ve started to watch an anime, but realized that the anime was boring and the manga was better, but you’ve decided to finish it anyways.

10) When you fall in love with a character, but realize he/she isn’t real..



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