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Day seven: Koro Sensei Q! Episode one review

Most of us probably weren’t satisfied with the ending of Assassination Classroom season two. Koro Sensei Q! is a spin-off series to the anime which is about Class E, who are heros in training trying to defeat the Big Bad (Koro Sensei). Since I’m only reviewing one episode, I won’t section most of this blog post off, like I would for most anime reviews.

Image result for koro sensei q!

Rating: 7.5/10

Genres: comedy, magic, shounen

Time for each episode: 10 min.

Other opinions: I’ll admit, I was really looking forward to the spin off series. Yeah, it’s funny. Yeah, the characters are cute. But, I felt like something was missing… Oh well, it’s just the first episode. Overall, it was cute (especially Karma) and funny. I loved it and I will be watching more.


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