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Day six: Black Butler

Black Butler has become very popular over the years and after releasing Book of Murder, they are soon going to be releasing Book of the Atlantic. Some merch can be pre-ordered and to celebrate 2017 coming, I’m going to talk about ten facts about Black Butler you probably did/didn’t know! ^^

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Ten Black Butler facts you need to know:

-In the ‘Jack the ripper’ case, those who were victims in the anime, were all real people from a very similar case in real life.

-Tanaka has been Ciel’s butler for much longer than Sebastian has.

-Tanaka is actually very strong and has knowledge on some good self defense techniques

-Lau and Ran Mao aren’t actually related. It’s just nicer to call someone brother or sister in Asia (I’d know).

-The voice actress of Ciel is also the voice actress of his mother.

-Ciel’s father vincent is related to Lizzy’s mother Frances.

-Sebastian’s last name came from the Japanese word, ‘mikairi’ which means ‘repayment’.

-Hannah is a flower demon.

-Black Butler was originally supposed to be a yaoi between Sebastian and Ciel.

-Ciel smiled/laughed a few times throughout the anime even though he claimed he couldn’t laugh or smile.

Well that was my list! I did quite a bit of research, so I hope you guys enjoyed! Happy New Year (not for me, ’cause my New Year starts on January 28 XD)!


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