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Day five: Loveless Volume 1-2 review

Okee, so I know some of you guys haven’t read the manga of Loveless and since I haven’t watched the anime, I can’t say for sure that there may be spoilers for those who’ve watched it.. But, if you haven’t read the manga or watched the anime, I can guarantee that there will be slight spoilers! So…

*Small spoiler alert!*

Volume one: Okay, I’m gonna be straight forward with the first volume: I thought it was a bit confusing. I had to re-read the first volume a couple of times to fully grasp what the story was about. Another thing, I felt that the first volume was a bit rushed. Ritsuka’s brother had just been murdered then, Soubi comes up to Ritsuka and tells him, “I’m your fighter” and all that stuff. Then they go on a ‘date’ and take pictures! What?! I just feel that Ritsuka and Soubi’s relationship had been rushed a bit.The first volume was pretty much about Ritsuka’s relationships in school. I felt that the first volume overall was pretty boring.

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Volume two: I felt that this volume was getting a teensy bit interesting. Enemies were out to kill Soubi because they felt that Soubi betrayed Seimei, Ritsuka’s murdered brother. Ritsuka gets caught up in the drama and bippity-boppity-boo! Soubi becomes Ritsuka’s fighter! I’m happy that happened, but that annoying girl (Yuiko) just gets on my nerve. I think she’s unnecessary and although she becomes tolerable after a while, I have a hunch she’s just there for fanservice. Overall, I think the second volume was a bit more exciting and the boring switch got turned off.

Other thoughts: I think Ritsuka’s a shota. I mean, he is shota material. Also, Soubi’s a masochist.

Tags: Shounen-ai, supernatural, action, drama, fantasy, mystery

Rating (for volumes 1 and 2): 6.5/10

Remember, this is just my opinion. If you have a different opinion, I wanna know! See ya’!


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