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Day four: Money…

I kinda feel like most otakus have those cool rooms. Ya’ know, they have like, a gazillion volumes of manga lined against the walls and lots of anime figures and wall scrolls. And what do they use to buy those items? Money. But, as some of us know, our wallet just won’t cooperate. Today, I’m gonna talk about how I earn money and spend that green stuff.

How to earn da green stuff: Most people might say they earn money by doing chores or walking people’s dogs. But not me! I got money by helping out at my aunt’s nail shop (she paid quite well). So my advice, if you have someone in your family that owns a shop or store or whatever, ask if you can help out there. Well, check to see if there are any laws against you doing that first.


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How to save da green stuff: If you’re like me, you’ll most likely spend money until your wallet cries. My method on saving money: have a goal of what to get before you actually get the money. Then you’ll buy that item(s) without buying other crap. If you’re saving for something very large (like that Sebastian figure you’ve been keeping an eye on for months), then tell your parents/guardian to keep you away from malls, shopping centers, etc. Or you could ask for a raise in allowance to earn money faster.

Spending dat green stuff: Like I said earlier, try to have a goal in mind of what you want to buy. It doesn’t need to be specific, it can be as simple as buying some manga, posters, and a nendoroid. If you’re buying manga, try to find second hand manga (that’s still in good condition). They’re usually cheaper than new manga. Also try to find good deals on manga, like: ‘Buy two volumes of manga, get the third free!’, this can save you lots of money. If your buying figures or nendoroids, be careful that they aren’t fake.

Where to spend: If ordering online isn’t an option, then you should find your local animu store. That’s if you can find one. If you can’t then you can buy merch at an anime convention. Or, you can go to someone who has merch (most likely a relative) and ask them to give you their stuff. These are just some options. You might be able to find a way that is more convenient.

Remember, most animu items aren’t cheap and it might take you years to get that otaku room you’ve always wanted. This is just my way of earning and saving money. Try not to spend too much on animu junk. You might need it to buy more shelves or other things for your room.


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