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Day two: Magical Girl Raising Project Review

Ah, the mahou shoujo genre. The lovely, cute magical girls… Magical Girl Raising Project is another anime added to the bunch. At first glance this could seem like another Madoka Magica or ‘cute’ anime, but as you progress deeper into the story it gets deeper and darker.

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This is an anime about an app that allows normal girls to become magical girls. It soon turns into a game for survival (not a sweet anime after all).

Rating I give it: 7.5/10

Tags: mahou shoujo, thriller, fantasy, action, supernatural

Plot: The plot was okay in my opinion. It reminds me of Madoka Magica, with the deep dark, story line.

Character development: I feel that there was a little character development. The bond between the girls (and boys) get stronger bit by bit. In the beginning, the characters were full of hope and pride. They soon lost both of those things as the story progressed.

Art: The art looks very similar to Madoka Magica. It’s very cute.

Other Thoughts: This anime is definitely not for younger viewers! I cried a lot. It’s very depressing. This anime made me sympathize for all the characters, even the bad ones. I thought it was good over all. I was happy with the ending, although I do hope there’ll be a season two.




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